• We believe it is our kuleana to share the history of this place,
    take care of its resources and preserve its cultural story of a
    time long ago. Join us as we share what we've learned from
    others in the community, our team of experts and what we
    propose for the Hanalei Plantation Resort of tomorrow.

  • Restoring the ancient kuapa rock wall
    and revitalizing Kamo‘omaika‘i fishpond
    will create educational opportunities.
  • An enormous clean up effort of the
    Kamo‘omaika‘i Fishpond will restore
    the ecosystem of the area – providing
    a habitat for natural diversity.
  • Based on the Hawaiian traditions of the
    Ahupua‘a, the proposed village will
    honor the land, culture, and
    traditions of Hanalei by design –
    greatly reducing the number of units
    from that which could be allowed,
    and by integrating best management
    practices in environmental design.
  • Residential units will be designed
    in accordance with strict Home Owner
    Association guidelines, calling for
    styles, materials and colors that
    blend into the hillside